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Are we all just going to pretend these shows weren’t apart of our childhood

Not at all, filmore was my shit!

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Artist: UnknownMuse
Title: UnknownTime Is Running Out
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Time Is Running Out | Muse

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Micheal Cinco

The Last of Us: Remastered [X]


Okay here’s a Luke analysis of stuff that’s been mulling my head a while.

It’s like… half critical/half defensive and very disjointed, it’s just a lot of different thoughts on things.

tl;dr Luke has the guise of a level-headed person but in reality is very disorganized and cannot cope with responsibility. He cared about Nick and tried to be a good friend but wasn’t capable of giving him the support he needed. Trying to deal with Nick on top of feeling responsible for the group turned him into a “burden” in Luke’s eyes which is why he lacks respect for him. Luke not reacting to his death “properly” and then having sex with Jane is in fact consistent with his character but it’s frustrating because questionable writing makes his motives and emotions difficult to gauge.

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→ Epica live Parkpop 2014, The Hague
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